About Siobhan McArdle

With 20 years’ experience, I am an accredited member of the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, (IACP.).  I am based in Dublin 8 and have a Masters in Psychotherapy from Dublin Business School.

I use my vast skills and expertise in the counselling and psychotherapy field. I also work with many types of presenting issues that clients’ bring to therapy. I specialize in both Biosynthesis therapy and working with developmental trauma. This is a complicated way to describe growing up in one’s own family with the dynamics and life situations that can affect us as we grow into adulthood. This impacts us all differently as each individual is so unique. Therefore, the difficulties that may come up vary from person to person.

I have worked for predominantly the charity and the mental health sector where I gained invaluable knowledge, skill, expertise and humility. Currently, I work in my own private practice where I offer both short-term and long-term counselling/psychotherapy. Additionally, I provide supervision to both qualified pre-accredited and trainee therapists. I teach and facilitate group supervision to counselling students at Dublin Business School on their psychotherapy postgraduate programmes.


My Approach

My approach as a psychotherapist is integrative in nature. This means that I pull from my background of person centred and psychodynamic training and I tailor my experience, knowledge and skills to suit my client’s unique circumstances/self.

I draw from psychodynamic theories of early development, attachment theory, developmental trauma and neuroscience. I also incorporate biosynthesis therapy into my way of working.

What I provide

I offer a private and confidential space in therapy where you will be met with compassion, warmth and understanding. This creates an environment where it is safe for you to explore your thoughts and feelings, your past and present; and to find understanding of your experiences in life.

I focus on people’s strengths and abilities. believe in the power of collaboration in therapy where both you and I work together make peace with your past, heal from life’s hurts and to discover who you truly are. We work together at your pace.


• Private Practice – general issues, body psychotherapy and supervision

• HSE, Counselling in Primary Care Service – Short term counselling service

• Dublin Business School – Lecturer and group supervision facilitation

• Rape Crisis North East – Sexual violence counselling

• Console – Suicide and suicide bereavement counselling


• Masters in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

• Post-graduate Diploma in Supervision

• Diploma in Person Centred Counselling

• Post-graduate Certificate in Biosynthesis Psychotherapy


• Psychotherapist IACP – 2005

• Supervisor IACP 2017

What Clients Say

  • I am a psychotherapist and have worked with Siobhan as my supervisor for over three years. This relationship has played a pivotal role in molding my therapeutic stance and guiding my clinical practice. As a supervisor Siobhan fosters an environment of collaborative exploration from a position of offering support, challenges, encouragement, and therapeutic wisdom. I have always looked forward to my supervision sessions with Siobhan.

  • Starting a journey with Siobhan has been crucial in my life path. When l first met her l was broken in pieces and felt very vulnerable, but with her nice and positive attitude she helped me to build trust again. Little by little l started to explore my inner sides and became more and more aware of my mechanisms, my needs and myself. I learnt to listen deeply to my inner self, let things go and make choices that were really good for me. She has always been really professional, compassionate and reassuring with a great attention to my feelings. l was always looking forward for her sessions and felt free and relaxed after each of them. Also the nice environment she sets makes clients very comfortable and easy to talk and open up. I am at a new stage of my life, completely fulfilled with love and happiness, and l will always be thankful to her for her guidance. I would recommend her to anyone needs someone caring to talk to. She will make your way!

    Fillippa - 39
  • I went to therapy as a last resort. I didn’t want to go for help. I didn’t like myself or even know what I really wanted out of life. I was very shy and afraid to say no to people around me. Siobhan helped me to begin to say no and notice why I even wanted to say no. I began to understand my family situation. I am a different person with a different outlook on life now.

  • When I decided to go for counselling, I was really terrified as I had never done any type of inner work before. I thought there must be something wrong with me if I needed to talk to someone to help me out. However, I was met with openness and warmth when I first went in the door to Siobhan. She helped me to see that it was ok to not be ok and that my depression was there for a reason. I learned a lot about my family, my past and my motivations for the future. I began to understand myself and sort out who I am what I want from life. Siobhan was professional, normal and taught me to allow myself to be me.