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Compassion, Contain, Empower
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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in the first session?

The first session is an opportunity for therapist and client to get a sense of each other and whether or not they might work well together. The client will describe what has brought them to seek therapy at that particular time and may speak about their presenting issue as well as some significant events from their past. The therapist will explain a little bit about how they work, and the psychotherapeutic process. At the end of the session a contract may be signed that confirms the intention of client and therapist to work together towards agreed goals.

Where are you located?

How do I make my first appointment?

You can call or e-mail Siobhan McArdle Psychotherapy to make your first appointment for either an in-person or online session. GP referrals are welcome, but you can also make an appointment directly. I also offer a free 15 minute conversation to discuss your needs and any questions you may have. Call  +353 85 220 8645 or E-Mail

Do you offer in person counselling and online counselling via zoom etc?

I offer face to face counselling in person. Additionally, if it is necessary, I can easily provide counselling online via a platform like zoom or WhatsApp.

What about the sessions?

A session lasts 5o minutes and is usually held on a weekly basis at a mutually agreed time and day. On occasion, it may be possible to facilitate bi-weekly appointments.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel an appointment, it is important to provide 24 hours’ notice. It may be possible to re-schedule to another day or the following week. Outside of emergency situations, the full cost of the session will be charged if insufficient notice is given.

Is counselling/psychotherapy confidential?

Confidentiality is maintained in line with GDPR. This means that client records are entirely confidential, the only limitations being where there is a risk to yourself or others, as per the IACP code of ethics and the Children First Guidelines.

How long do I need to attend for therapy?

The duration of therapy depends on the issues you are experiencing. A discussion around this will take place at the beginning of therapy. I usually recommend to allow yourself a period of time like 6 weeks to give time for you and I to get to know each other. It also enables us time to work on the difficulties you wish to bring.

Ending Therapy?

It is recommended that if a client wishes to end therapy that they attend a final closure session. A proper ending can create a sense of closure for both therapist and client and permit the foundation for a new beginning. Some clients like to take a ‘break’ from therapy for a time or return for a few ‘refresher’ sessions after we have formally ended therapy. I am always open to this, and we can always discuss this when it is relevant.